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    On February 8, 2017 Jeff Sessions resigned as US Attorney General following the investigation on Russian relations. This gave rise to a Senate Seat vacancy for the State of Alabama. Months of mudslinging exploded on a national media level. Candidates’ “morality” became the focal point (or more accurately, the deciding factor would be which candidate would be judged as “least moral.”) Known as voting for the “lesser of two evils,” one’s behavior or stance on hot topic issues has become the staple of American elections. Actual governing ability is not necessarily a consideration.

    Following suit to societal fascination of drama in American politics, the candidates’ immoral issues – particularly those of Republican Candidate Roy Moore – were escalated by national campaigns against the very allegations that plagued Mr. Moore: sexual harassment.

    In short, morality was defined as terminating pre-birth children and immorality was defined as sexual misconduct/harassment. Society has spoken by vote of cheers v. jeers.

    Then came the allegations against Hollywood heavyweights. These gave rise to the #metoo movement which brought awareness of everyday women in sexual harassment situations. The public discussion and awareness of this evil is long overdue, many would agree. So, rather than being a candidate on a poster, Mr. Moore was a poster child for the immoral evil of sexual harassment. Timing is everything.

    Meanwhile, Democratic contender and vocally pro-abortion candidate Doug Jones opposed Mr. Moore in the Alabama Senate race. At the same time, also vocally pro-abortion Minnesota Senator Al Franken was contemplating resignation– which made the seat all the more important for the Planned Parenthood lobbyist. Mr. Franken was to be replaced by Lt. Governor Tina Smith, the former VP External Affairs for Planned Parenthood Minnesota – so it’s all a win-win for pro-abortion company Planned Parenthood. Mr. Franken’s resignation was due to, irony of ironies, allegations of sexual misconduct. Mr. Franken’s resignation was being hailed as a “moral victory” by the Democratic Party.

    Meanwhile, the election for the Alabama Senate Seat was a very close outcome, with a differing margin of 20,715 votes. The victor emerged at Doug Jones, the first Democrat to be elected as an Alabama Senator since 1992. So, with parallel Senate seats being filled, both by those who vocally advocate the termination of embryo life and the dismissal of what could be seen as the “greater evil” of governing men accused of sexual harassment.

    In short, morality was defined as terminating pre-birth children and immorality was defined as sexual misconduct/harassment. Society has spoken by vote of cheers v. jeers.

    The definition of morality is so lost, murder is celebrated and cheered as a victory. We are all in no place to define morality. None of us.

    Turn the perspective from the candidates to the People. Beyond those voting in the Senate race, but Society at large as this was a national firestorm. Most interesting, in any election, is the response of the People to officials elected. With moral behavior or beliefs as the labels, the kid killer victory to the US Senate was hailed, cheered and wildly celebrated as a “moral victory” because the pervert is pure evil. Someone must win, as we bemoaned not too long ago in the National Presidential election, it’s just how the process works. And morals of those governing us must be considered and scrutinized in deciding.

    However, given that no one is truly moral, the public’s hailing the promotion of abortion is a “better option” is equally interesting and disturbing. It’s a hot button issue rather than a child’s life. Sexual Harassment is in vogue to criticize, as it should be. Yet, these seemed to have become arguments and election points rather than people. The definition of morality is so lost, murder is celebrated and cheered as a victory. We are all in no place to define morality. None of us.

    Clearly, standards of moral living are so skewed, no standards exist in society. Perhaps, because they were never meant to. With no one in position to determine good from evil, right from wrong or moral from immoral – turn the perspective higher still.

    We are not called just to be moral; we are called to be holy. We are not called just to be good, we are called to be pure. We will achieve none of these while breathing this air – because such are not achievements, they are callings to surrender to God.

    What if our perspectives on the evils of this world, be they public failings of politicians, preachers, family or friends, were to place us on the same ground of moral failures in some way or another. What if we looked to be a society as we were created to be – separate from darkness and one with Light: Holy. How are perspectives change promotes how our choices change. How our choices change promotes how our response to Society changes.

    We will continue to vote for evil governing officials, as this is the fallen Society we are in. Yet, if we seek holiness rather than goodness, we will seek a far greater Good than government can ever give us. Be as were called and created to be. Surrender our evils to the cleansing of God and seek the Light in all.

    Michelle Pack
    Michelle Pack
    Michelle Pack is the Editor of Palm Beach Christian Voice. She has been writing since her teen years. With a focus on writing, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She also writes for her devotional blog, Living Well. She still enjoys the feel of pen to paper when writing her personal journals. Along with writing, she enjoys serving, beaching, films, coffee, and conversations with her amazing friends. Her day job is a Community Association Manager in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She lives contently in her peaceful townhome in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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