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From the Editor of South Jersey Christian Voice, Deanna Garlic


I developed a life purpose statement from taking a class at my church called “Discovering Your Purpose”. I read this statement regularly to invoke the promises of God, to inspire me and to remind myself of who I Am …His child and ambassador. It has been a blessing to me and I am humbled to share it with you.

My Life Purpose Statement

At the center of my life is my relationship with Christ. He is my end all and be all. He is the creator of the Heavens the Earth and everything that lives. I was made by Him and for Him and without Him I am nothing and I can do nothing. In Christ I live, and dwell and have my being. I choose to pray and not worry.

Love and Integrity are the character of my life. Men and women shall know that I am His disciple by the Love they see in me. Love that only He can give; unconditional and that changes not. I choose to Love first and ask questions later. I have purposeful truthful interactions with people that display my Love and Integrity over time. I keep my promises to others because He keeps His promises to me. I am faithful to others because He is faithful to me. He is the perfect example of the full character I daily reach for. I am becoming more like Him each day.

God has SHAPED me in such a way to be a Blessing to the Body of Christ. My strongest contribution is to fellow believers in the body of Christ. God has gifted me to listen without judgement; to see people as He sees people, whole complete and significant. My service to the body is to assist each one in finding their purpose and fulfilling their assignment of allowing Christ to shine through their gifts, talents, abilities, personality and life experience. I am best suited to help those who want to start a business.

Every great business owner has seen both success and failure along the way and has risen to the challenge of seeing more success after such experiences. When I share about business, I am passionate, and I know God is speaking through me. When I speak people listen and their outcome is beyond my expectation for their life and their business. God has blessed me to be able to help small businesses. Business owners create jobs for people, create a way to make a living, create peaceful environments and give people autonomy, freedom and a means to bring their personal vision to past.

The community of my life is small groups of people. My favorite quote has always been ” Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margret Meade. Also do not despise small beginnings. When we start small or accomplish greatness with such a little bit of people there is even greater glory to be given to God. Even those who don’t know God will say “Look at their God!” in this way, all know that He is the I AM.

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Keeping Christ at the forefront of all that we write and report, One Christian Voice is in business to share information that is relevant to Christians in addition to providing inspirational and fun content for living.

We share Christian news with a local, state, national and world focus. From stories of victory and success to stories of concern, we provide content that is relevant to the Christian community.

Our lifestyle column provides content for living including Christian entertainment, books, recipes and more.

In addition to offering a daily reading from the 365 Day Bible, we search for articles on inspirational blogs and great sermons on video and share them on One Christian Voice.

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One Christian Voice provides articles and resources to inform and inspire you. From government decisions that effect the mission of Christ in our world to good movies and live entertainment, we share what’s going on in the Christian world today, starting at the local level.

Promoting Christ by promoting the good things Christians are doing to share the love of God with our world is also a big part of our purpose.

We put Christ first in all that we publish and promote, keeping in mind that whatever news is going on in our world, our ultimate purpose is to glorify God.

…With One mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Rom. 15:6