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    A New Biblical Worldview Study Series is Now Available Online


    Family Research Council (FRC) and Summit Ministries announced a partnership launching a new biblical worldview series. Entitled Now We Live, the series is a response to the cultural shift the US is experiencing.

    According to Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, 69% of US adults identify as Christians but many of them hold views which contradict traditional theological teachings. One of the surprising information the study found was many American Christians don’t acknowledge Jesus Christ as savior. “A full 58% contend the Holy Spirit is not a real, living being and 57% embrace the concept of Karma and only 9% of this large population of self-identified Christians actually possess a biblical worldview.”

    As followers of Jesus, we’ve been given a mission to take God’s truth to a world that is looking for answers and for purpose. —Tony Perkins, Family Research Council president

    ACU President Len Munsil pointed out that, “Fragments of biblical truth are still embraced by the overwhelming majority of American adults, which means that each of the estimated 176 million self-identified Christians has a starting point of belief that can be built upon and refined into a mature, consistent biblical worldview.”

    The eye-opening results of CRC’s research prompted FRC and Summit to develop a project that would encourage more Christians to return to the Bible and strengthen their faith. The coalition hopes the series and its insights will at least double the percentage of self-identified Christians that possess a biblical worldview.

    Now We Live features famous Christian leaders, including FRC President Tony Perkins, Summit President Dr. Jeff Myers, actor Kirk Cameron, author Lee Strobel, and Christian music artists John and Korey Cooper. Through the series, they emphasize the reasons why God’s Truth is the answer to a troubled society.

    “As followers of Jesus, we’ve been given a mission to take God’s truth to a world that is looking for answers and for purpose,” said Perkins. “The answers are found in the word of God, but in this increasingly dark and confused culture, that word is being rejected. FRC and Summit Ministries have launched this joint project to equip Christians to develop a sound biblical worldview. We look forward with eagerness for how God will use this worldview series for His Glory.”

    Summit’s Dr. Myers explained why Now We Live is important to be seen by many Christians. “Everywhere we look we sense hopelessness and despair that Wall Street and Washington D.C. can’t fix,” he said. “But history shows that the tough times are the best times for leading people to the hope found in Jesus Christ. Now is the time to get off the sidelines and onto the frontlines to help people discover a biblical worldview. The biblical worldview numbers are even less in the culture. This series sparks discussion about how to live a better story, one based on the truth and dignity found in the Gospel.”

    Joyce Dimaculangan
    Joyce Dimaculangan
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